Year 9 English Language Learning

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: C. Kagaya

For students learning English as a second language. This course covers:

  • Listening Skills- regular unseen listening tasks, in dialogue or monologue form, which provide practice and develop students’ ability to understand the main message of the text and everyday spoken English.
  • Speaking Skills - students have the opportunity to practise pronunciation and intonation of new language. In the practice sections the exercises lead to freer speaking practice such as role plays and discussions. 
  • Reading Skills - Reading texts are relatively short and are carefully graded to allow students to build on their previous knowledge and to increase their confidence. As they progress, texts become longer and more challenging, with students being exposed to increasingly complex language. This encourages them to start deducing meaning from context and enables them to engage with more difficult reading texts. 
  • Writing Skills- Writing is based on the material taught in the listening, speaking and reading sections of the course.  The writing provides models for students to analyse and imitate. 
  • Grammar- students are tested and given an individualised independent study course to develop further knowledge and the ability to use correct English in their writing. 
  • Vocabulary- Students are expected to work on their vocabulary until they master their essential 3,000 word families.  Each student will be tested and given the appropriate level to study at. 
  • Individual Online Learning- students who do not have sufficient English to cope with a New Zealand high school will be given two online learning programmes to acquire further English language skills.  They are expected to do this in their own time for homework.
  • ESOL CLUB- all students are encouraged to attend the after school ESOL Club twice a week (one hour each time) to receive further individualised support in English.

Entry Guidelines

For students learning English as a second language.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

All textbooks used in lessons are provided.
Students purchase their own grammar books for self- study.



An individual course will only run if sufficient students are accepted into the course.

All approvals for courses through this system are subject to satisfactory achievement in remaining internal standards and external examinations. Course Confirmation Day will run at the start of next year, where final approval for each course will be confirmed.