Year 9 Technology

Course selection has now closed. Students wishing to make changes to or complete subject selection should see their dean in the first instance.

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs A. Knight

Students will use the technological process to solve real life problems ranging from fast food makeover to designing musical instruments or weather measuring instruments to building digital outcomes. The process of intervention by design, adaptation and innovation are at the heart of technological practice.

Students will develop practical skills and knowledge in the areas of:

  • Digital; 
  • Fashion and Design; 
  • Food; 
  • Materials and Design. 

They produce quality outcomes that result from thinking and practices that are informed, critical and creative. Technology is never static. It is influenced by and in turn impacts on the cultural, ethical, environmental, political, and economic conditions of the day.

The technology curriculum at Garin aims to ensure our students are at the forefront of technology education.

There is a course contribution of $100 to cover all resources for the year.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$100 project materials



An individual course will only run if sufficient students are accepted into the course.

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