Level 1 Food Technology

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Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: A. Knight.

Food Technology is an exciting and hands-on subject that combines materials and processing technology. It caters to students who have a passion for food and design, offering a creative outlet for them to explore the three strands of the technology curriculum. 

In addition to acquiring practical skills that can be applied throughout their lives, students learn the value of collaboration and its integration into their technological practice. They also gain an appreciation for sustainable practices through research and their practical application. Health and safety considerations are given paramount importance, ensuring students prioritize their own well-being and that of others as they engage in hands-on activities.

Through designing and creating fit-for-purpose outcomes, students engage in a practical and creative learning experience. The subject emphasizes intervention by design, allowing students multiple opportunities to demonstrate their skills. Key concepts such as creativity, sustainability, and ethical design are integrated into the curriculum, providing a framework for students to develop their understanding and apply it in authentic contexts. These principles, along with the new Achievement Standards, form the basis for assessing students' progress, with an expectation that they will attempt three NCEA Level 1 assessments, earning approximately 15 credits. Teachers are enthusiastic about crafting engaging courses and assessments that align with these features, preparing for implementation in 2024.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$100 for ingredients and consumables



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