Level 3 Business Studies

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Birch

This course is primarily focused on running an innovative, ethical and sustainable business online (ecommerce) and within the surrounding community.

The assessment aspect of this requires students to work within a business group of their choice or independently. Students are required to prepare a business plan which covers all components of a business model and gives focus to creative ideas, sustainability and ethics. This is a full year assessment and is worth 9 credits. 

Marketing is a 10 week internal assessment which requires business groups to complete a marketing campaign to promote their product to a target audience and is worth 6 credits.

Alternative Standard

A.S. 91380 v2 Business Studies 3.2 - Demonstrate understanding of strategic response to external factors by a business that operates in a global context - 4 credits

This external standard has been offered in the past and students could request to be entered for this in discussion with the teacher. It is expected students are not entered for more than 18 credits except for exceptional circumstances so most likely this would be in lieu of another standard.

This standard focuses on international business and strategic responses to external factors. Students undergo a case study on a specific NZ business that operates in a global context and they are expected to use this content within the examination.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Initial investment of about $100 to kickstart student's own business. Any costs after that are not expected but might be necessary.

Entry Guidelines

Having studied Business Studies, or Economics, at Level 2 is preferred. Generally good achievement at NCEA Level 2 may be sufficient to negotiate entry to this course.

Credit Information

This course is approved for University Entrance.

Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits UE Literacy Credits Numeracy Credits
A.S. 91382 v2 Business Studies 3.4 - Develop a marketing plan for a new or existing product
6r *
A.S. 91384 v2 Business Studies 3.6 - Carry out, with consultation, an innovative and sustainable business activity
9r *
Total Credits
Approved subject for University Entrance

Number of credits that can be used for overall endorsement: 15

* Only students engaged in learning and achievement derived from Te Marautanga o Aotearoa are eligible to be awarded these subjects as part of the requirement for 14 credits in each of three subjects.

Total Credits Available: 15 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 15 credits.

Pathway Tags

Marketing Manager, Marketing Executive, Sales Manager, Banker, Market Researcher, Advertising, Sports Marketer, Events Manager, Teacher, Small Business Manager, Financial Analyst, Product Manager, Product Development, Human Resources Advisor, Recruitment Manager, Entrepreneur (in your own business), Journalist, Investment Banking, Retail Buying, Retail Management, Public Relations Officer, Bank Management, Distribution & Logistics Management, Insurance Underwriter, International Market Developer, Property Manager, Property Valuer, Property Developer, Insurance Underwriter


An individual course will only run if sufficient students are accepted into the course.