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Level 3 Calculus

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: H. Kersten.

Entry Guidelines

The best preparation for this course is to have engaged in and achieved 14 credits at level 2 Mathematics as follows:

Algebra and Calculus standards preferably at Merit level

This course covers Level 3 Calculus Achievement Standards. The course is essential for later study in physics, engineering or calculus. It is also appropriate for students with an interest in computing, chemistry, economics, auditing, the continued study of mathematics, and in general any field where mathematical analysis is an important tool.

Alongside the core curriculum all student will be taught the curriculum covered in the 'Apply trigonometric methods in solving problems' standard. The assessment of this standard will be optional and is required for subject endorsement.

Optional Standard - A.S. 91575 v2 Mathematics and Statistics 3.3 - Apply trigonometric methods in solving problems (Internal - 4 credits).




Assessment Information

This course has three compulsory external assessments and one optional internal assessment. All students will be expected to participate during the delivery of the curriculum that covers the internal standard (Trigonometric methods - AS 91575), however the assessment will remain optional. It is important to note that to achieve subject endorsement the internal trigonometry assessment must be achieved.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$24.50 workbook
Graphics calculator is required (Casio 9750 recommended).


An individual course will only run if sufficient students are accepted into the course.

All approvals for courses through this system are subject to satisfactory achievement in remaining internal standards and external examinations. Course Confirmation Day will run at the start of next year, where final approval for each course will be confirmed.