Level 2 English

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: A. Wright

Entry Guidelines

NCEA Level 2 English OR NCEA Level 2 Applied English is a compulsory subject for all students. To be well prepared for the Level 2 course students should have at least 14 credits in Level 1 English, with no less than 4 of these achieved in the external assessment, or at the discretion of the Head of Faculty.

Our NCEA Level 2 English course develops skills in crafted writing and close reading and viewing, with a particular focus on critical analysis. Successful completion of this course will contribute to University Entrance Literacy requirements. The Writing Portfolio achievement standard provides the required UE Literacy writing credits. 10 credits are offered internally and 8 credits externally. 

Students may also opt into the English Scholarship programme, which involves additional tutorials throughout the year and a separate exam, that will most likely take place at the end of Year 13.




Level 3 English

ENG2 is important for any student who is aiming to head to university. ENG2 is the best opportunity to get University Entrance Literacy credits.


An individual course will only run if sufficient students are accepted into the course.

All approvals for courses through this system are subject to satisfactory achievement in remaining internal standards and external examinations. Course Confirmation Day will run at the start of next year, where final approval for each course will be confirmed.