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Level 3 Fashion and Design Technology

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: T. Arends.

Entry Guidelines

The best preparation for this course is to study an NCEA Level 2 Technology and gain 12 or more credits. Entry without meeting this can be discussed with the Teacher in Charge or Head of Faculty

Textiles  is a  course that focuses on fostering creativity and critical thinking in a project-based learning environment. The course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to design authentic and contemporary products in the ever-changing field of technology. It serves as a broad introduction to developing students' thinking, design skills, and practical abilities within the specialised area of fashion.

Building upon the knowledge acquired in Year 12 Textiles, students in Year 13 leverage their prior learning to meet the requirements of NCEA Level 3 achievement standards, specifically in the context of fashion. The course encompasses a range of projects that cover essential skills such as fashion design, garment construction, pattern adaptation, fashion illustration, circular fashion outcome design, and development. The major project focuses on incorporating technological practices to create a portfolio of work, designing and producing an item either for themselves or a client. Students can choose themes like couture design, streetwear, wearable art, or set design to guide their project.

Year 13 Textiles Technology provides students with opportunities to pursue individual projects, collaborate with clients, and engage in the design process. This includes conducting research, evaluation, and utilizing design techniques such as screen printing, embroidery, and intricate fabric manipulation to create visually captivating final outcomes. By participating in this course, students gain valuable skills, authentic project experiences, and diverse career opportunities in the clothing and related industries. These opportunities extend to fields such as apparel and textile design, interior design, or the technology industry, including product development and project management.

As with L1 & L2, all construction work for the AS must be completed in class time under supervision. There is an increased level of personal research which must be undertaken for the year’s project to be successful.

An additional 3 credit external Achievement Standard is also available. Scholarship is also available in this subject. 



Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$50 for consumables


An individual course will only run if sufficient students are accepted into the course.

All approvals for courses through this system are subject to satisfactory achievement in remaining internal standards and external examinations. Course Confirmation Day will run at the start of next year, where final approval for each course will be confirmed.