Level 2 General Science

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: C. Northage

Entry Guidelines

The best preparation for this course is to study NCEA Level 1 Science (SCI1) and gain internal Science Achievement Standards. Entry without meeting this can be discussed with the Teacher in Charge or Head of Faculty.

This science course is for students who wish to take a general science course rather than pursue the individual sciences. Whenever possible, a hands-on approach to science is used. 

All assessment will be carried out internally and so this course is not eligible for endorsement. Upon successful completion of the course, students may wish to take a Level 2 course in an individual science or may move onto Level 3 Biology with approval from the Head of Faculty.

A selection of four Achievement Standards will be completed over the course of the year. The number of credits offered in this course will be 14 or 15 credits.  The most likely combination is listed below.  However, depending on student and teacher preference, the following standards are alternative options:

A.S. 91187 v2 Earth and Space Science 2.1 - Carry out a practical Earth and Space Science investigation

A.S. 91845 v1 Psychology 2.2 - Examine how a psychological debate has changed over time