Year 11 Overview

NCEA enables students to retain a broad spectrum of subjects even at this level and this Level 1 package ensures that all doors remain open to students.

In the wider curriculum students continue to partake fully in at least one chosen sport, cultural activity and a service event through Club Garin Inc. The Journey Programme continues to offer students an opportunity to grow spiritually in a challenging, outdoor setting.

In Year 11, students study the following: 

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • 4 additional subjects, chosen from the curriculum

You can browse courses by faculty area or search for courses using the links in the navigation bar on the left.

Other Programmes:

  • Club Garin Activities (Sport/Arts/Service)
  • The Journey Programme
  • House Competitions
  • Special Calendared events—Mahi Toi

Guidance Notes:

Students are encouraged to keep their course selections broad and based on career aspirations.

If numbers are insufficient for a course it may not be offered. 

A very small number of courses may have a finite number of spaces and it may be necessary to limit class numbers. In these cases Heads of Faculty will have indicated limits on course pages and students should complete selections for these courses at the earliest opportunity to avoid disappointment.

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